Our Services

As a member of the Diamond family, we offer access to an exclusive gateway to third-party professional services. This unique advantage ensures that our clients enjoy a host of privileges that set us apart.

From gaining early access to off-market properties, to fulfilling the dream of building a custom home on your ideal land, Enkasa Homes and Diamond combine forces to provide a comprehensive journey from acquisition to construction. Our family of companies possesses a wealth of expertise in creative finance options, enabling us to secure the best deals. Our extensive lender relationships and intricate understanding of the lending landscape enable us to guide clients through projects of all sizes, whether it’s remodeling, renovation, or new construction.


Looking to purchase and remodel? Enkasa has access to over 500 subcontractors including engineers, architects, and other professional services who are available to bid on your project. Our partners can inspect your potential home, prior to closing, review it from a contractor’s perspective, and provide their expert feedback. We even have experts to provide disclosure reviews, pest inspections, and home inspections. Looking for a cost estimate? We also have comprehensive cost estimation services available before you purchase. We can spot the lemon before you buy it and the diamond in the rough.



Land acquisition

We've all heard the term, location, location, location. Building your dream home starts with acquiring the perfect spot to build. Unfortunately, land acquisition is one of the first things that can go wrong in the process. Our Diamond family has acquired land, developed, and constructed properties all over the Bay Area. We understand the nuances that can permanently derail a project or make it unfeasible. We use that experience to get our customers the best possible location that all but ensures your home gets built.

Entitlements and permits

Our Diamond family has a long history of developing and constructing residential properties. We leverage this experience for our customers so when you decide to embark on a larger project we can help guide you through the raging waters that is the entitlement and permitting process.

Creative finance

Our family of companies has extensive experience in creative finance options, including complex mortgage lending and construction debt. We have the understanding to help you get the most leverage with your investment because we understand the lending world, and we have access to lender relationships unique to the marketplace.