Our team is your team

The team at Enkasa Homes forms the very heart of our company, driving our mission and commitment to excellence.

Each member brings a unique set of skills and perspectives, collaborating to create an environment where client satisfaction is paramount. We believe that our collective strength is what truly sets us apart. From the agents who dedicate themselves to understanding every client’s unique aspirations, to the coordinators who ensure a seamless process, and the support staff who keep the gears turning smoothly, every role is integral. It’s this synergy that empowers us to provide exceptional service and memorable experiences. The team isn’t just a part of the company; they’re the backbone that supports our vision and transforms it into reality.

Kim Sanner
With more than 20 years real estate experience across the East Bay, it’s rumored Kim has toured 98% of the homes in Contra Costa County.
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Marissa Smith
Marissa is an agent with a wealth of experience helping clients across the Bay Area.
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Kim Siegel
As a Bay Area native and living in Lafayette for the past 20 years, buyers and sellers appreciate Kim’s expertise and knowledge of the local market and surrounding East Bay areas.
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Tina Neuhausel
Tina has worked passionately for 20+ years to help people have smart, sustainable homes and healthy communities.
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Jordan Wright
With a background in real estate technology and an upbringing in the family construction business, Jordan brings a unique perspective as a realtor.
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Heather Hopkins
Inspired by a lifelong interest in Architecture, Heather earned her real estate license in 2014 and was awarded Rookie of the Year by 2016.
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Brandon Winters
In a career spanning more than a decade and a half, Brandon has held the role of Chief Operating Officer for multiple distinguished companies.
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Jeff Stone
Equal parts real estate broker, luxury home developer, and attorney, Jeff is a modern-day Renaissance man, in Moraga. He’s also co-founder of Enkasa.
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Whether it’s about buying, selling, remodeling, or even just talking about homes, reach out to us